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Global Student Ambassador Program

By joining this programme you’ll develop soft skills, expand your leadership experience and grow your international network. You’ll  become a trusted voice when it comes to finding job opportunities anywhere in the world.

‘Being an ambassador gave me the confidence to lead any project’
Ronaldo Putera, Highered Student Ambassador

Post on Social Media

Be the first one to share awesome jobs in great organisations and become a whizz on social in the process. We provide you all the copy, imagery and practical details – you customize it to suit your local community. We share analytics and results with you so your content can go further. 

Organize Local Events

Develop your network of employers and sharpen your presentation skills. You’ll be presenting Highered’s platform and current opportunities to your peers at school events. Sometimes companies want to organise recruitment events locally and you’ll be our person on the ground handling logistics- what’s more, you’ll get paid for it!

Point of contact

Be our corporate liaison in the area and support Highered in growing its network of employers and job opportunities. You’ll be the first in line for these opportunities and be paid in the process!

Student Ambassadors Worldwide


Ahmar yasin Narejo
Sukkur IBA University

While working for Highered as Student Ambassador is a great experience. It has polished my skills and helped me to choose a perfect path for my career.


Christian Ashong
Audencia Business School

Priceless is the smile on the face of a person. With Highered, we can see that happen as we help connect my colleagues to the best companies around the world. And what a way to do that whiles having fun, gaining experience and building my network.


Katrin Erdmann
Audencia Business School Nantes

To be able to connect with students and help them to find great opportunities!

New Zealand

Cecilia Liu
The University of Auckland

The SA programme is a great way to stay connected with the wider global community, and provides endless opportunities!

Trinidad & Tobago

Okera Duncan
Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business

The SA Programme has definitely allowed me to be an immediate resource of information on international opportunities to the students at my school.


Gabriela Golem
University of Split

Being naturally very curious, open-minded person, always first to know about the latest trends, I’d like to help my colleagues at the University by spreading the word about Highered and life-changing opportunities it offers, which are great in number so everyone can find their place in the sun. Wanna get hired? Then use Highered!


Divyanshi Dangayach
Rennes School of Business

As a student I was searching for internships after my graduation and that’s when I came to know about Highered Student Ambassador programme. This programme has helped me build my network and also learn a new things.


Gaurav Kumar
IIM Indore

Besides studying at IIM Indore, I am currently working as Student Ambassador at Highered EFMD. It feels extremely satisfying to help my fellow students in getting world-class career opportunities in different parts of the world, which are present in high amounts at Highered. As a student ambassador, it gives me tremendous opportunities to network with people from diverse backgrounds while also allowing me to know about the best opportunity at the earliest. Use highered if you want to open door of high-quality hirings.


Bernardo Garibay

I would like to expand my network.


Gilles Fabien Dogbo
Université Laval

I have three passions in life: Poetry, Business Management and Helping Others Live Life to the Fullest. After an MBA at Université Laval in 2019, I found in the Student Ambassador Program by Highered Global Career Services the perfect opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of grads from my alma mater.


Inga-Britt Morgan
Jönköping University


Sahith Kota

Working with the career services in my undergrad gave me a different perspective of what goes on in a university as students have different set of expectations and careers team has a different goals and understanding of it. In my experience working with career services for over 3years in two different universities I understood the struggle students go through and know how to address them and help them progress in their career. So I wanted to be as a student ambassador and help them even more.


Vanessa Sánchez

As a curious person always looking for new challenges, I found Highered platform as the opportunity to find job offers abroad. Before traveling to France to start my new challenge as Master student in negotiaton, I already used the platform to look for those dream offers and I shared it with my colleagues. Now, I am pretty sure of the added value that the platform offers.
Currently as an international student, I can recognise the value of the platform, as it helps us to find those challenges. 

That’s why I want to share  with my colleagues this tool to pursue their own.



Alina Urazbaeva

The greatest thing about my student ambassador work is being able to share useful information with the students of my school. And the best reward is their happy experience with Highered!



Adriana Fusaro
Student Ambassador

An Italian Double Degree student who fell in love with Oslo in August 2018. After attending the last year of my master at BI Norwegian Business School, I didn’t know where to look for a job here in Norway. I signed-up on the Highered platform, I applied for the Talent Engagement and Digital Marketing Coordinator job position and here I am.

Having first used the platform myself, I am one hundred percent aware of how much Highered is a valuable resource which helps us international students to look for work abroad.
I work with careers services and students by walking them through the Student Ambassador Program. Moreover, I am responsible for social media management. Please contact me if you need additional information or support.


Mauricio Monzon
Student Ambassador 2018-19

Besides studying at BI Norwegian Business School, I am working at Highered EFMD as the coordinator of the Student Ambassador Program. It is really inspiring to come to work and talk with peer students from all around the world as well as with career services. I also support them with the different activities to create value for companies, schools and themselves. If you have any questions about the program, feel free to contact me.